Bigjpg - Image Super-Resolution for Anime-style artworks using the Deep Convolutional Neural Networks without quality loss

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What is Bigjpg?

Bigjpg is an AI-based image enlarger tool that enhances images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to reduce noise and serration, allowing for enlargement without losing quality. The tool supports API integration and boasts higher quality results compared to other software like Photoshop. It is particularly effective with anime images and illustrations, maintaining colors, details, and edges well. Free users have a maximum upload limit of 3000x3000px, 5M, while paid users can upload up to 50M. Estimated processing time is provided, and failures may occur due to network issues or server traffic. Enlargement history can be viewed after logging in. Paid services are available for faster and more stable processing. Privacy policies ensure uploaded and enlarged images are automatically deleted after 3 days, with encrypted links for security. Users can adjust download speeds by changing server locations.
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  • ⭐️ App Download: Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit, Mac App, iOS App, Android App, Google Play
  • ⭐️ Privacy policy: Uploaded images and enlarged images will be automatically deleted after 3 days
  • ⭐️ Slow download speed: The default server is located in Mainland China
  • ⭐️ Feedback & Contact: AI Image Magic Cleanup, AI Photo Restoration, AI Video Enhancement, English

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