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What is Dubverse?

Dubverse is an AI-powered platform that simplifies video dubbing, making it easier for creators to go multilingual. It offers features like text-to-speech for voiceovers, subtitles generation, and a self-servable script editor. Dubverse covers over 60 languages with 450+ human-like voices to choose from. The platform has helped creators reach a wider audience, with Divyanshu Logi stating ease of use and time-saving benefits. Use cases span industries like ed-tech, media, and e-learning, with diverse topics covered including financial, educational, and agricultural content. Creators have praised Dubverse for its natural voices and cost-effective, fast dubbing process. Vijay Bharadwaj from Glenmark Aquatic Foundation and Tulika Thakur from Sheroes India highlighted the platform's efficiency in multi-lingual video creation. Dubverse has been commended for simplifying the dubbing process and enabling quality video production across various industries. The platform caters to diverse needs, from training videos to product explainers, and has earned praise for its user-friendly interface and intuitive features.
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How To Use Dubverse

  • Create multilingual videos easily with Dubverse AI-powered dubbing technology.
  • Edit scripts seamlessly with real-time translation feature.
  • Select from a variety of human-like AI voices for your video content.
  • Expand viewership by adding subtitles in multiple languages to boost SEO.
  • Collaborate efficiently using the built-in sharing utility.

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  • ⭐️ AI-powered video dubbing technology for fast and cost-effective localization
  • ⭐️ Self-servable script editor with real-time translation
  • ⭐️ Choose from 450+ human-like AI voices for dubbing
  • ⭐️ Download subtitles in multiple languages on the go
  • ⭐️ Access to on-demand language experts for quality assurance

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