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BasedLabs Face Swap lets you accurately and seamlessly swap any face onto any image you want!

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What is Face Swap?

BasedLabs offers a Face Swap tool where users can upload photos to swap faces, create memes, and share funny content. This tool seamlessly swaps faces in uploaded base and target images using advanced AI technology, providing high-quality and realistic results. Users can preview, download, and share the final swapped image easily. BasedLabs prioritizes user privacy by not storing images for more than an hour. In addition to Face Swap, BasedLabs provides various other AI tools like image-to-text, image upscaler, selfie generator, and more. The platform emphasizes simplicity and effectiveness, catering to users of all skill levels for personal or commercial projects. Beyond Face Swap, BasedLabs offers a range of AI tools and models for image and video creation, designed to enhance visual content for both creative and professional purposes.
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How To Use Face Swap

  • Upload Base and Target Images: Click 'Upload an Image' to select your base photo with a clear face.
  • Swap Face with AI: After uploading both images, click the 'Swap Face Instantly’ button.
  • Preview, Download, and Share: Once the swap is complete, preview the final result on the same page.

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  • ⭐️ Easy and Convincing Face Transformations with BasedLabs AI Face Swap
  • ⭐️ Privacy and Security Priority at BasedLabs
  • ⭐️ Quick Creation of AI-generated Images and Videos on BasedLabs Platform
  • ⭐️ Diverse AI Tools Available on BasedLabs Platform

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