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Find AI is an AI-powered research search engine for finding companies and people

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What is Find AI?

The content provided is a list of search results from a research engine for companies and people, showcasing various categories such as YC startups founded by Stanford alumni, founders who attended Harvard, female founders in healthcare, and product managers analyzing data. The results include information on specific companies and individuals within each category, such as Circular, Mederva Health, Grey, Andson Biotech, and Lucy Howie. Additionally, there is a focus on unique criteria such as companies with their own podcast, recent healthcare startup funding, and founders of early-stage startups launching products. The data is structured in a way that allows users to easily navigate and explore different topics. The platform encourages interaction by offering a sign-up option for free access. Overall, the engine provides a comprehensive search experience for those looking for specific information about companies, founders, and professionals in various industries.
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