AI-powered formula generation, SQL query generation, vba script generation and regex generation combined into one tool

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What is Gptexcel?

GPTEXCEL is an AI-powered platform that helps users generate and understand formulas for Excel, Google Sheets, and Airtable. It also offers script generation for VBA, Apps Scripts, and Airtable Scripts, as well as SQL Query generation and Regex generation for data validation. The platform aims to streamline spreadsheet processes, automate tasks, and boost productivity for individuals and businesses. It has over 300,000 happy users and offers a free tier with limited features, as well as a Pro plan with additional functionalities such as priority customer support and up to 100 requests per day. Users can try out the different AI tools provided by GPTEXCEL to enhance their spreadsheet capabilities. The platform emphasizes simplicity, efficiency, and automation to improve the productivity of its users.
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How To Use Gptexcel

  • Boost spreadsheet productivity with Excel and Google Sheets AI assistant.
  • Streamline workflow by generating VBA scripts, Apps Scripts, and Airtable scripts.
  • Simplify crafting SQL queries across different database systems using AI.
  • Generate and understand regular expression patterns for data validation and filtering.
  • Create table templates for Excel and Google Sheets.

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  • ⭐️ Excel Formula Generator AI
  • ⭐️ Script Generator AI: VBA, Apps Scripts, and Airtable Scripts
  • ⭐️ SQL Query Generator AI
  • ⭐️ Regex Generator AI
  • ⭐️ Template Generator AI

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