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What is InVideo AI? offers a comprehensive platform for creating videos using over 5000 pre-made templates with the assistance of Invideo AI. Users can enter any topic, and the AI generates a script, creates scenes, adds voiceovers, and allows for customization. The AI tool enables effortless audience engagement, with the ability to make both big and small changes to videos using text commands. The platform provides complete editing control, including the option to change scripts and media easily. Invideo AI is trusted by over 25 million users worldwide and offers tools to turn ideas or content into videos instantly. The platform includes 16 million+ stock media files, an intuitive editor, human-sounding voiceovers, and multiplayer editing. Users can grow their brand, plan video content strategy, create new revenue streams, and optimize workflows with Invideo. The service also offers an AI mobile app for flexibility and around-the-clock human support. Invideo provides various plans at competitive prices, along with tools like Youtube Video Editor, Slideshow Maker, and AI generators.
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How To Use InVideo AI

  • Create videos by entering any topic and letting invideo AI work its magic.
  • Customize the look of your video by adding instructions such as target audience & platform.
  • Tweak generated videos with text commands for quick and easy changes.
  • Edit media and text, add transitions, and use human-sounding voiceovers in the intuitive editor.

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  • ⭐️ Generate videos with nothing but ideas using invideo AI.
  • ⭐️ Access 16 mn+ stock media made discoverable with AI.
  • ⭐️ Collaborate in real-time with multiplayer editing.
  • ⭐️ Use the full power of video to set your brand up for social media success.
  • ⭐️ Get feedback on your videos from the invideo community of creators on Discord.

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