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Are you looking for love? Keeper's AI matchmaking service can find your soulmate on the first try

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What is Keeper AI?

Keeper is a matchmaking service focused on helping people find serious, committed relationships leading to marriage and families. Their approach involves using AI technology and deep psychometric testing to create high-confidence matches based on detailed preferences provided by users. Unlike traditional dating apps, Keeper prioritizes quality matches over quantity, with a significant percentage of their dates turning into committed relationships. They offer three membership plans - Free, Pay for First Date, and Marriage Bounty - each with varying levels of service and commitment. The service is currently available in North America and the UK, with plans to expand globally in the future. Keeper's unique approach sets them apart from other matchmakers by emphasizing mutual strong matches, continuous improvement feedback, and an incentive structure based on successful outcomes rather than subscriptions. Overall, Keeper aims to streamline the dating process and increase the likelihood of finding long-lasting love for its members.
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