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Award-winning AI Voice Generator and text to speech software with 500+ voices in 100 languages

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What is Lovo AI?

LOVO AI offers Genny, an AI voice generator that provides realistic text-to-speech and voice cloning solutions. With a library of 500+ voices in 100 languages, Genny caters to various use cases including marketing, training, social media content, and more. The tool allows for effortless video creation and editing, with features like synchronized audio and video, auto subtitle generation, and scriptwriting assistance for up to 90% time and budget savings. In addition, LOVO AI's Genny is beneficial for various industries such as entertainment, education, and corporate training. The tool's voice cloning capabilities, AI writer feature, and AI art generator enhance content creation by producing engaging videos with integrated AI features. Users can also benefit from collaborating with teams through Genny's cloud storage and API for developers looking to incorporate advanced AI voices into their applications. Furthermore, LOVO AI provides a range of AI tools for businesses and marketers, including AI image generators, content creation tools like Grammarly and Jasper, AI SEO tools like SEMrush and Frase, and AI CRO tools like OptiMonk AI. These tools help optimize marketing strategies through personalized content, automation of tasks, and enhanced targeting, ultimately improving audience engagement and conversion rates.
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How To Use Lovo AI

  • Create and edit videos effortlessly with Genny's platform.
  • Sync audio and video seamlessly for perfect narration.
  • Boost engagement with subtitles using the auto subtitle generator.
  • Write scripts 10x faster with the AI writer feature.
  • Generate royalty-free images using the AI art generator.

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  • ⭐️ Text to Speech
  • ⭐️ Auto Subtitle Generator
  • ⭐️ Voice Cloning
  • ⭐️ Online Video Editor
  • ⭐️ AI Writer
  • ⭐️ AI Art Generator

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