Good Tape is an automatic transcription service that makes it easy for journalists (and others) to turn audio recordings into text, regardless of language or sound quality

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What is Mygoodtape?

Good Tape is a secure transcription service created by Zetland in Copenhagen, Denmark. Users can upload audio files for instant transcription of interviews. The platform emphasizes security, with details on pricing, terms of service, and privacy policy available on the website. Additionally, Good Tape uses cookies to enhance user experience and keep marketing costs low, ultimately aiming for a win-win situation for users. Settings regarding cookie usage can be adjusted at any time on the platform.
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How To Use Mygoodtape

  • Upload audio file and transcribe instantly.

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  • ⭐️ Secure transcription service
  • ⭐️ Instant transcriptions
  • ⭐️ Based in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • ⭐️ Use of cookies for enhanced experience

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