Namelix is an innovative AI-powered business name generator

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What is Namelix?

Namelix is an innovative AI-powered business name generator that assists entrepreneurs in creating unique and brandable names for their ventures. By leveraging a state-of-the-art language model, Namelix generates short, catchy, and relevant names tailored to the user's business idea. The tool's algorithm learns from the user's preferences, offering increasingly better recommendations over time. Users can also refine their search results by prioritizing shorter names, including specific keywords, or selecting desired domain extensions. Additionally, Namelix partners with to provide an AI-driven logo creation service, enabling users to create professional logos that complement their newly generated business names.
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How To Use Namelix

  • Enter your business idea or keywords
  • Filter results based on name length or specific keywords
  • Save the names you like for future reference

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  • ⭐️ AI-powered business name generation
  • ⭐️ State-of-the-art language model for catchy names
  • ⭐️ Name filtering based on length and keywords
  • ⭐️ Save and track preferred name choices
  • ⭐️ Learning algorithm for improved name suggestions over time

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