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What is Onlyfakes?

OnlyFakes is an uncensored AI image generator that allows users to create images freely without the need to sign up. The platform offers unlimited free image generations and daily free turbo-mode credits. Users can choose a style or an existing image to remix, write a prompt, and click generate to create their desired image. The platform has a community of over 500k monthly users who share and explore generated images. OnlyFakes Gold membership offers lightning-fast image generation, unlimited credits, and the ability to work on multiple images simultaneously. Users can edit their generated images by trying different backgrounds, hairstyles, body types, clothes, and more. The platform also provides FAQs, support email, and information on content policies. OnlyFakes emphasizes that its services should not be used to create fake IDs.
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How To Use Onlyfakes

  • Select from a range of AI Models.
  • Choose a style or upload an image to remix.
  • Write a detailed prompt with specific keywords.
  • Click 'Generate' and experiment with styles and prompts.
  • Let the AI process your request.
  • Explore, edit, and share your generated image.
  • Create unique images from text.
  • Customize your AI-generated images.
  • Control your privacy while using the AI image generator.

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