Chatbot platform where you can create virtual characters with custom personalities, live-generated images, and emotive voices

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What is Pix?

PIX.CHAT offers a chat platform where users can engage with various personas in scenarios ranging from romantic to action-packed. Users can converse with characters like crush "Celeste," model "Luna," or popular bully "Mami." The platform also includes scenarios such as being contained by the SCP Foundation or encountering a wounded enemy soldier. Additional options feature interactions with ex-girlfriends, roommates, and friends. Each scenario allows for a unique role-playing experience, whether as a bully, victim, hero, or sidekick. The platform caters to different preferences by offering a diverse range of categories, including LGBTQ+, fantasy, horror, and more. By selecting tags like "villain," "hero," "supernatural," or "mature," users can customize their chat experiences. Overall, PIX.CHAT provides a virtual role-playing space where individuals can immerse themselves in a variety of interactive storylines and character interactions.
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How To Use Pix


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  • ⭐️ Live Pix for real-time interactions
  • ⭐️ Live Pix Plus for enhanced features
  • ⭐️ Various tags to categorize interactions (e.g., Male, Female, LGBTQ+)
  • ⭐️ Scenario-based chats with different characters
  • ⭐️ AI Assistant for guidance and support
  • ⭐️ Role-playing scenarios like SCP Foundation, School Bullies, and Heroes
  • ⭐️ Exploring relationships with characters like crushes, bullies, and friends

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