Free online face changer that allows you to swap heads and replace faces in photos

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What is Remaker?

FaceVary is a free online face changer tool allowing users to swap faces in photos, including multiple faces in videos. The tool supports swapping faces with people, animals, or objects, making it popular for generating funny images and fixing group photos. Users can upload their own images or choose from templates, preview the swaps, and download the results easily on mobile devices. The tool also offers features like batch image swapping and multi-person face swaps for added fun and convenience. FaceVary is recognized for its user-friendly interface, seamless mobile integration, and realistic face swapping results, garnering positive reviews from users. The platform emphasizes privacy by automatically deleting images after one day. Overall, FaceVary offers a simple, ad-free, and watermark-free experience for creating entertaining and creative face swap images.
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How To Use Remaker

  • Upload original image containing the face you want to replace.
  • Upload target face image featuring the face to swap with.
  • Preview the face swap result and download the edited image.

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  • ⭐️ Swap heads for correcting group photos or creating humorous visuals.
  • ⭐️ Experience gender swap for a new perspective on your appearance.
  • ⭐️ Mobile-friendly interface for convenient face swapping on-the-go.

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