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What is Songtell?

Songtell is a platform that uses AI to uncover the stories behind song lyrics, allowing users to delve deeper into the meaning of their favorite songs. With over 1.3 million total entries, Songtell features trending songs like "End of Beginning" by Djo and "Backburner" by NIKI. Users can explore the meanings behind songs like "Heaven Knows" by Orange & Lemons and "Open Arms" by SZA featuring Travis Scott. The platform also offers blog posts discussing various music-related topics, such as the history of the Eurovision Song Contest and curated playlists like "Sunset Serenity: 16 Chill R&B Tracks for Your Evening Wind Down." Songtell provides a space for music lovers to connect with the stories and emotions conveyed through lyrics, enhancing their appreciation for the art of songwriting.
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  • ⭐️ Dive deeper into your favorite songs with Songtell
  • ⭐️ Revealing the captivating stories and meaning behind lyrics through AI
  • ⭐️ Featured Songs: Beautiful Things - Benson Boone, End of Beginning - Djo, Pantropiko - BINI, Anaheim - NIKI, Heaven Knows (The Angel Has Flown) - Orange & Lemons, Saturn - SZA, Back On 74 - Jungle, Open Arms - SZA (Ft. Paradise), 사랑으로 (love.) - Chase Atlantic, ​wave to earth - Autumn - NIKI, Margaret - Lana Del Rey (Ft, Backburner - NIKI, ​dahan-dahan - Lola Amour, seasons - ​wave to earth, Hell N Back - Bakar, ラビットホール (Rabbit Hole) - DECO*27 (Ft.
  • ⭐️ Recent Blogs: 'ESC | Why Is Australia Attending a European Competition?', 'ESC | Eurovision Song Contest 2024: All The Important Info to Know', 'ESC | History of Eurovision Song Contest', 'Sunset Serenity: 16 Chill R&B Tracks for Your Evening Wind Down', '9 Songs About Money & Wealth You May Not Know About'

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