Stability AI launches Stable Doodle, a sketch-to-image tool that converts a simple drawing into a dynamic image, providing limitless imaging possibilities to a range of professionals and hobbyists

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What is Stability?

Stability AI recently introduced Stable Doodle, a sketch-to-image tool powered by advanced technology that can convert simple drawings into dynamic images. The tool aims to benefit professionals and enthusiasts across various industries, providing a user-friendly platform that can generate high-quality images in seconds. Stable Doodle is available for free on the Clipdrop by Stability AI website, offering a range of artistic styles for users to experiment with. The tool combines Stability AI's Stable Diffusion XL technology with the T2I-Adapter, enabling precise control over image generation. While Stable Doodle showcases impressive capabilities, users should be aware of its limitations, as its accuracy may vary based on the complexity of the scene. It is recommended that users do not rely solely on Stable Doodle for critical applications. Stability AI is a leading generative artificial intelligence company committed to open-source collaboration, while Clipdrop is an AI-based image editing platform that was acquired by Stability AI in 2023. With a focus on cutting-edge research and imaging solutions, Stability AI continues to innovate within the AI technology landscape.
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How To Use Stability

  • Use Stable Doodle to bring your drawings to life in various styles.
  • Select from prompts like 'Isometric', 'Digital Art', 'Anime', 'Comic Book', or 'Origami'.
  • Explore the limitless imaging possibilities by converting simple sketches into dynamic images.

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  • ⭐️ Stable Doodle offers 14 different styles for artistic customization.
  • ⭐️ Utilizes Stable Diffusion XL technology for advanced image generation.
  • ⭐️ Includes the T2I-Adapter network with approximately 77M parameters for creating dynamic images.

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