Zendesk AI (but cheaper)

Add powerful, affordable, AI Customer Support to your Zendesk live chat widget, without breaking the bank

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What is Zendesk AI (but cheaper)?

My AskAI is an affordable alternative to Zendesk's expensive AI customer support features, costing 5-10 times less with each AI conversation at $0.10 compared to Zendesk's $1 to $1.50 per AI resolution. By integrating My AskAI with Zendesk, businesses can deflect up to 75% of customer support requests using AI, without replacing existing tools or retraining staff. This solution offers a seamless setup process through the Zendesk App Marketplace and provides the option for human intervention when necessary. Promoting the combination of AI and human support, My AskAI aims to enhance customer service efficiency. With quick implementation and a focus on cost-effectiveness, My AskAI offers businesses an accessible way to integrate AI support into their Zendesk platform.
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